spa rice pillows

Spa rice pillows are a perfect little gift!  Heat in the microwave for 1-2 minutes to soothe achy muscles or to warm toes and fingers on a chilly winter day... Store one in the freezer for bumps, burns and injuries... Or simply place over your eyes to enjoy a relaxing yoga nap!    

Materials:  Makes about 6 pillows ♥
  • 1/4 yd Radiance (a silk/cotton blend) in Taupe, Chartreuse, Slate
  • 1/2 yd Muslin
  • 1-2 c. Rice per pillow
  • a few drop of Essential Oil (optional)

Cutting & Prep:
  • Muslin: cut two each 6"x9" (large) or 5.5"x8" (small)
  • Radiance: strips 2" to 3"x9" (large) or 2" to 3"x8" (small).  About 3-5 strips needed per pillow.
  • Mix essential oil with rice. (Use sparingly as heat activates the scent!)

Stitch strips, one at a time, to muslin.  Use both the front (shiny) and back (matte) of the Radiance as your "right side up" for added beauty.  Use a (roughly) 3/8" seam allowance for all seams.
  • Beginning at one long edge of the muslin, place a strip right side up and a second strip right side down on top of it.  Along the edge of the strips that is closest to the middle of the muslin, stitching one seam through all three layers.
  • Fold the second strip open and finger-press the seam.  Place a third strip right side down on top of the un-sewn edge of the second strip and stitch.  
  • Fold the third strip open, finger-press and repeat with additional strips until the muslin is covered. 
  • Trim extra fabric from edges if needed, and press the entire piece.  
  • Repeat with second piece of muslin to make the pillow back.

  • Place pillow front and back right sides together, and stitch around, leaving a 3" opening at the middle of one long side.  
  • Zig-zag or serge around edge of pillow seam for added strength.
  • Clip the corners and turn pillow right side out.  Poke corners with a knitting needle, chopstick or other corner tool until flat and pointy.  
  • Lightly press pillows, making a nice crease along opening.  (This helps with  hand-stitching them shut later.)
  • Fill pillows with rice: 1 cup (small) to 2 cups (large). 
  • Hand-stitch the opening shut using a ladder stitch

page full of stars {template for felt ornaments}

Print out full size on freezer paper cut to 8" x 11".  Lightly iron to felt squares, and cut out! 

picture potholders

• Scraps / 2oz ball Cotton Dishcloth Yarn (Peaches & Creme or Knit Picks Dishie)
• Sz 3.25mm (3 US) Knitting Needles
• Tapestry Needle

Front "Picture" with Garter Border
CO 30 sts. 
K 8 rows (you will have 4 garter ridges).

[K 5, join scrap color and K 20, join second strand of main color and K 5. 
K 5, P 20 (scrap color), K 5.]

Repeat [*] until "picture" is 32 rows (potholder is 40 rows total).

K 8 rows (4 garter ridges) in main color. BO. 

Back Solid Garter
CO 30 sts. 
K 48 rows (24 garter ridges).

Secure any loose ends, if they were not woven-in as you knit. No need to thoroughly weave-in ends since they will be hidden inside the potholder. 

Using a 2' length of yarn and tapestry needle, stitch Front & Back tog around all edges, using a basic whip stitch and securing ends. 

Machine wash & dry when your potholder (inevitably) gets dirty!

woodland felt ornaments

Save the images below to your computer and enlarge to print-out onto regular 8.5x11" paper.  
Trace the shapes onto felt, cut out, and glue or stitch together with embroidery floss to create ornaments!  Back each ornament with a solid piece of felt, stitch around the edges using a whip stitch or blanket stitch to finish.  Add a small loop of floss at the top of your ornament so you can hang it up, or create a garland of animals by stitching them to a ribbon.